I was diagnosed with breast cancer and was completely unsure of what path to take. By the grace of God I was referred to Dr. Mancoll. He saved me. He was kind, compassionate and he really took the time to listen to me and give me the tools I needed to make a sound decision. I opted for a double mastectomy and then got to see first hand that this man is an artist. His work is amazing. I have since seen the work of other doctors in the area, as I have come to know other breast cancer survivors. I can honestly say that the other doctors can't hold a candle to what this man can do. There is no better doctor or staff in the Tidewater area. So thankful every day for what they did for me.

Lisa H.


Just a few months ago you and your staff began a journey with us that we never saw coming. As we tread into the “breast cancer” waters it was a very scary place. You gently guided me with compassion, confidence and clarity into those waters. I was always confident in the choices I was making and the timely phone calls and access to you and staff were a critical part of the essential trust that developed. In a time of much chaos and horror stories in healthcare, my experiences have been amazing with every point of contact and as we continue the journey I must say THANK YOU! Skills can be taught, but caring compassion and kindness flow from the heart.

Ann C.


Thank you for you kindness, compassion, understanding and caring. From my very first visit to your office everyone made me feel at ease. Thank you for your patience with all of my questions (even when I had 2 or 3 pages). I never felt rushed. You always answered all of my questions completely and in a way I could understand… I am extremely pleased and feel extremely blessed to have had such an awesome plastic surgeon.

Leslie O.


As a physician,/surgeon myself, I can honestly say that Dr. Mancoll is a highly skilled surgeon and artist. I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had bilateral mastectomy with reconstructive surgery with another surgeon in the area which was botched with several complications and a poor result requiring several reconstruction surgeries. I came to Dr. Mancoll for a second opinion and, in hindsight, I wished I had seen him in the first place for my reconstruction! My professional and personal opinion is that his professionalism, kindness, patience, and dedication to high quality work, are unmatched in the Tidewater area. Thankfully, I underwent my final breast reconstruction surgeries with him including implant removals and bilateral DIEP procedures (which i probably should have had to begin with). I am almost 5 years out from my CA diagnosis now and, I can now say my reconstruction is completed and my nightmare is finally over. The final results of my reconstruction with him are better than I could have ever imagined. I will forever be indebted to this phenomenal doc who took care of me like i was his family. Very very highly recommend him.

Margarita H.


You have changed my life. From the moment I met you I felt that I was in good hands…Thank you for always treating me with such empathy, care and compassion. You took the time to explain every medical moment…Your skill and dedication are unmatched and I feel so lucky to have been in your care.

JoAnne J.


I knew from our very first meeting that you were the surgeon I could trust to do right by me. Before I got to experience your skill as a surgeon, it was your kindness towards me that made me trust you immediately…You have exceeded my expectations on every level. I appreciate your total approach to patient care, your dedication to your art and most of all your dedication to your patients.

Cathy P.


I have not been to Dr. Mancoll for about  3 years now.  But have to post this.  
I had bilateral mastectomies. Dr Mancoll did the most amazing  reconstruction.  I recently went to see another plastic surgeon where I now live in Seattle. This new doctor raved about the amazing job Dr Mancoll did on me.  New doc said he, himself could not do this fantastic of a reconciliation. Dr Mancoll  made me feel whole again. He minimized my scares inside and out.  
Not only is his work extraordinary, he is one of the kindest people I ever met.  And his staff is very  helpful and genuinely kind!  
Just had to share after hearing this from another very well known plastic surgeon and  thinking how lucky I am that I found Dr Mancoll.  Thanks again and again Dr Mancoll.  Forever grateful

Melanie S.


Thank you Dr. Mancoll for all you have done for my daughter. If not for you, and your staff she would not have gone on to finish college, be the starting catcher for the softball team, and no way would she have been able to follow her dreams of being an officer. As you know we searched for years for the right doctor and learned of you before you opened your practice here. God blessed us with having the best right here. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking her under your wing several years ago and working your magic.

Regina W.


I do not have enough good things to say about Dr. Mancoll. I am one week post op and have had the best experience. From the first initial consult in August to my first follow up yesterday It has been great. His bedside manner is exceptional. He took the time with me every single visit as well as took the time with my mom ( who was very worried) to help ease her concerns and answered every question. He was very easy to get on the phone and answered all my questions (on a Saturday at 9 am!!). In terms of the procedure itself It was smooth and I am already in love with my results and I am still in the recovery. I had liposuction with fat grafting to the breast and I am obsessed with my results ( and still have a bit more recovery ahead).

No only was Dr. Mancoll wonderful, but his entire staff exceeded my expectations. From the receptionist, to the nurse, anesthesia, and surgical coordinator. Everyone was so comforting and kind.

Again I cannot say enough great things about Mancoll! I am even from out of town and made the commute to see him and I am so glad I did!!

Maggie L.


A relative went there after cancer surgery. He treated us both with such dignity and respect that we relaxed and began to joke around about the reason for the cosmetic surgery. He explained every option, showed us pictures so we had a clear expectation about the final look after each option.  He is sharp, funny and so empathetic that we recommend him to everyone who mentions that they are considering elective or necessary treatments. Great doctor. Excellent and caring staff.

Regina H.


3 weeks after my 36th birthday I was diagnosed with stage 2A breast cancer. I had to have a bilateral mastectomy. Dr. Mancoll gave me back what cancer had taken from me. From my first meeting with Dr. Mancoll and his staff, I knew I was in excellent hands. They were always so caring and attentive. I always felt like I was their main priority when I was there. During my hospital stays, either Dr. Mancoll or Sunny would visit me every day to see how I was doing. Andrea was my sounding board and friend on many occasions. I feel like they all became my friends throughout the 2 ½ years I was seeing them.

Dr. Mancoll did an absolutely amazing job on my reconstruction!! I never thought it would be possible for me to be restored to how I look now, when I was told I couldn’t have implants and that I would need to use my own tissue.

I am a runner and didn’t have enough belly fat, so Dr. Mancoll did the most intricate procedure, the S Gap Flap. He always asked me if I got my last run in right before my surgeries. Which always made me know that he really cares about his patients.

The scars on my breasts have faded to virtually nothing!! Again, AMAZING!! I am so completely happy all around with my experience with Dr. Mancoll and his staff. I continually rave about him whenever the subject comes up, or if I ever hear of anyone who may need a plastic surgeon. In my opinion, Dr. Mancoll is restoring so many women back to who they were before cancer…and not only women, but so many patients who have been injured. I cannot say enough about how grateful I am to him!! I sometimes wish I could work in that office just to be a part of the amazing physical healing that is happening to other breast cancer survivors, and to be able to tell them and show them that everything will be restored and they will end up looking better than ever!!

Judy B.


Dr. Mancoll is an amazing doctor. I visited several plastic surgeons and had many consultations before deciding to use Dr. Mancoll for what I needed. Upon first impression with him, I knew right away he was hands-down the only surgeon that I wanted to touch me. He was honest and caring and I could see the passion that he has for his patients and what their goals are. He’s super realistic and honest on what you should expect, and what he is willing or capable of doing. He also went above and beyond during my procedure.
I cannot thank him enough for helping me to regain some of my confidence back after what my body has been through. Yes it is a service that I paid for, but his bedside manner and making me feel comfortable were just an added bonus to his incredible skill.
When it came to recovery, Dr. Mancoll and his staff were amazing. I have to give a shout out to the girls in his office because they are awesome! They are super accommodating and very understanding. He personally checks up on his patients to make sure they are doing OK. I even got a nice little surprise when they sent get well flowers and a card to my home shortly into my recovery. I am so grateful for my experience. I was very nervous and hesitant to have my procedure done in the first place, but I am so glad that I had it done here. From the very first visit to my last postop appointment I was 100% satisfied.

A. Grieco


I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Mancoll and his staff… After much soul searching about having our young son go through a surgical procedure, we decided to go through with it… Throughout the entire procedure, Dr. Mancoll and the staff kept us informed of how things were going and afterward, he spent a great deal of time talking us through how everything went. Though it was a traumatic experience as parents, we were put at ease by Dr. Mancoll and his confidence, competence, professional demeanor, and his willingness to really explain everything to us. We went back for a couple of follow ups and Dr. Mancoll and his entire staff were always so great with our son. I am glad to report that while there is obviously a scar, it is barely noticeable unless you know to look for it.  Though the reasons for our visits to Dr. Mancoll were far from pleasant, he made the experience as good as it could possibly be and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone needing cosmetic surgery.

Lance F.


Dr. Mancoll and the team at Mancoll Cosmetic Plastic Surgery changed my life. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I opted for a double mastectomy and reconstruction. After learning that Johns Hopkins’ preferred treatment course for patients like me is the DIEP reconstructive procedure, I found out that Dr. Mancoll is the only surgeon in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, and Portsmouth to perform DIEP surgery. Choosing him as my reconstructive surgeon is the best decision I could have made.

Dr. Mancoll and his staff, from the very beginning and during every step along the way, have been helpful, patient, friendly, supporting, caring, professional, and personable. Their results show their expertise and desire for perfect results. Not only does Dr. Mancoll has everyone on his staff highly trained and committed to the patient; everyone he works with at Sentara Princess Anne Hospital gives you the highest levels of attention once they find out you are a patient of Dr. Mancoll’s. I am super pleased with my surgery/follow up results, and I am floored by the level of service that Dr. Mancoll and his staff have given me since day 1. I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Mancoll to anyone seeking reconstructive or cosmetic plastic surgery.

Jocelyn P.


Dr. Mancoll is a kind, attentive, and talented Surgeon who has this calm about him. Dr. Mancoll deserves more than 5 stars and so do his entire staff! 
I can’t say enough about the facility, staff, surgical coordinator, nurses, the surgical team and “ESPECIALLY THE AMAZING DR. JOHN MANCOLL”. Dr. Mancoll’s new state of the art facility is beyond impressive and filled with the kindest staff. Their professional demeanor equals that of Dr. John Mancoll’s. I will focus my review on Dr. Mancoll as I know most people want a review of the doctor but I felt it necessary to share my entire facility experience! 
For context, I have interviewed a few dozen surgeons for plastic surgery. I just couldn’t find the right one. I have met with and researched doctors who reside out of country, Tampa and Miami and Florida (where I live) North Carolina in Virginia (where my daughter lives) in search of the right doctor. I was looking for a doctor who would “listen to and focus on my specific needs” I find that the doctors who do not listen to the patient’s wishes and desired outcomes are the cookie cutter doctors and do what they can handle in the surgical room. For context: I am 5’4 and 160lbs, size 34H for some context. I was looking for a revision to my previous thigh lipo (I had a pocket of swollen tissue the size of a grapefruit form with scar tissue making a huge pocket), a revision to stomach lipo (previously done wrong by a doctor who claimed he specialized in lipo 360 and bbl), a huge breast reduction to a C cup from H and a tummy tuck.
I’m currently on Day 1 of my surgery recovery (keep in mind..I am still swollen) and just by the looks ….Dr. Miracle (as I will now call him) has eliminated my massive side boob and removed exactly the amount I asked for where my arms would always hit. These boobs have caused decades of excruciating pain on my back and I always had inches of boob hanging/laying on my stomach. Dr. Mancoll reduced my boobs to the “EXACT SIZE” I requested. I’m so impressed with his work, his bedside manner as a doctor and so very grateful for his years of experience. 
I was so nervous going into this procedure because of all the other cookie cutter doctors interviewed were telling me it could not be done, including a Harvard Doctor in North Carolina, who refused to even do surgery on me. 
I found in my search most doctors had a terrible staff, bed-side-manners and only wanted to do simple surgical procedures making them junk cookie-cutter-doctors. Cookie-cutter-doctors tend to not care about patient desired outcome with no consideration for the patients vision. Dr. Mancoll is the complete opposite! Dr. Mancoll requested pictures of breasts I like on other people to replicate the look I was going for! 
I just can’t say enough about my experience with Dr. Mancoll and his entire staff! After my surgery he even helped me into my car with Nurse Kimberly (the amazing nurse who put up with me in recovery). 
Dr. Mancoll is a kind, attentive, and extremely talented Surgeon who has this calm peace about him. Dr. Mancoll deserves more than 5 stars, as does his entire staff!



I did a lot of researching before deciding on a surgeon. Personal reviews definitely helped, so I wanted to help others with mine. 
Before going for my initial consultation with Dr. Mancoll, I had already visited 2 other surgeons for consultations on a breast reduction/lift. The first two surgeons were referrals from Tricare, but after discovering Tricare would not cover the cost of a breast reduction, I decided I wanted to do my research and find someone that would also perform an abdominoplasty to fix my severe diastasis recti after children.  
I have so many good things to say about Dr. Mancoll and his entire team. My first two consultations with the other surgeons felt cold and impersonal. Basically, they just showed me a video of the process and took some measurements. The consultation with Dr. Mancoll is very thorough. His team took several “before” pictures of me for Dr. Mancoll to review. Then when I met with him, he walked me through the entire process step by step and answered all of my questions. It was a long appointment – and I appreciated that! I did not feel rushed at all, like you would at a typical doctor’s appointment. We looked at my pictures and discussed desired results. It was very tailored to me personally, and not just another surgery he was performing.  
Two weeks before surgery I had my pre-op appointment. This was extensive – I was informed about the surgery again, instructed on medications, vitals were taken, all the things necessary for review to ensure the best results during surgery. I was very nervous for surgery and they could tell. There’s just something different about an elective surgery v. necessary surgery. The entire team did a great job of answering all my questions and helping me prepare.  
Day of surgery – I was terrified! All of the nurses were so empathetic. It was wonderful, it made me feel less nervous. The anesthesiologist walked me through everything and really helped calm me. Then Dr. Mancoll came in to discuss the surgery again, and what to expect & do post-OP. I felt very prepared.  
Two days after surgery (and on a Sunday), Dr. Mancoll called me to see how I was feeling. He reviewed pictures I uploaded to the app so he could make sure everything was looking okay. It wasn’t at all like they completed the surgery and just forgot about me. He was very available and invested in my successful recovery as I was.  
I am now six weeks post-OP and I feel great. I am extremely happy with my results so far and can’t wait to see/feel how I will be in six months. Thank you to Dr. Mancoll and your entire team for such a great experience.

Inventive67150 Realself 


The world will always need people like you who give so generously, help so willingly, and care so deeply. You are all so wonderful.

Lydell C.