Surgical Suite

Mancoll Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery is proud to offer the newest and one of the most technologically advanced operating suites of its kind in Hampton Roads. Offering the full spectrum of cosmetic surgical procedures, this operating suite is equipped with the latest in body contouring technology. In addition, the latest endoscopic facial and breast procedures can be performed.

Dr. Mancoll utilizes the latest in cosmetic surgery technology designed with the need for less anesthetic. Therefore, many procedures can now be performed with oral sedation and numbing medicine. However, for those patients who are anxious or require a greater degree of sedation, board-certified anesthesiologists are available to assist. Dr. Mancoll will help determine the degree of sedation necessary for comfort and safety.

With patient safety and comfort in mind, only board-certified anesthesiologists are utilized to provide anesthesia care within our center.

Dr. Mancoll can’t do it alone. Assisting him when he works is our team of board-certified registered nurses and medical assistants. Their primary goal, in addition to helping Dr. Mancoll, is to assure that your experience is as successful as your surgery.